The command line is a very simple utility for testing and as an example of how 
to use the API.

these are good suggestions, you should document them in a Jira.

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Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2009 7:54 PM
Subject: State of the command line?

What's the state of the command line client (ZooKeeperMain)
... it seems a bit fragile.

Some thoughts.... you should probably ship it with a wrapper around rlwrap
so that readline supports.

You can just detect it in a bash script and enable it if it's installed....
should be able to get around GPL this way...

Also, it should have a %shell% prompt one would think.

... ls should return more like ls -al.

If a command fails it shouldn't print the full exception but should instead
print just the error (probably to stderr).

Though perhaps we won't actually use the shell in production so it doesn't
matter as much.


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