I've 2 separate questions regarding zookeeper:

1. Group Messaging:
Is it possible to do group messaging with zookeeper 3.0.1 ?
If not, are there any plans to add group messaging (say w/ casual ordering or 
even better total ordering) to future releases ? 
What would be the best approach if I need to do group messaging using zookeeper 
right now, should I use a separate group messaging or messaging broker service ?

2. What happens to Empheral Nodes when a zookeeper server (not client) dies or 
is separated from the group ?

Supposing there are 5 zookeeper servers: server_1, ..., server_5
And a client c_1 connects to server_1 and creates an empheral node /nd_1

2a: What happens if server_1 dies/crashes (and c_1 is disconnected from 
server_1) ?
    Is /nd_1 automatically deleted ?

2b: What happens if server_1 is disconnected from the rest of the group 
(server_2 to
    server_5, but client c_1 still remains connected to server_1 ?
    Is /nd_1 automatically deleted ?
    What happens if server_1 regions the rest of the group ?
    what happens to /nd_1 then ?



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