Kevin Burton wrote:
3) it's possible for your code to get notified of a change, but never
process the change. This might happen if:
 a) a node changed watch fires
 b) your client code runs an async getData
 c) you are disconnected from the server

Also, this seems very confusing...

If I run an async request, the client should replay these if I'm reconnected
to another host.

(Ben/Flavio/Mahadev can correct me if I'm wrong here or missed some detail)

Async operations are tricky as the server makes the change when it gets the request, not when the client processes the response. So you could request an async operation, which the server could process and respond to the client, immed. after which the client is disconnected from the server (before it can process the response). Client replay would not work in this case, and given that async is typically used for high throughput situations there could be a number of operations effected.


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