when you shutdown the full ensemble the session isn't expired. when things come 
back up your session will still be active. (it would be bad if the zk service 
could not survive the bounce of an ensembel.)

you are way over thinking this and i fear you are not helping yourself with 
trying to second guess with timers. zookeeper is structured such it can be used 
as ground truth. trying to second guess will only bring you headache.

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> Here's a good reason for each client to know it's session status
> (connected/disconnected/expired). Depending on the application, if L does
> not have a connected session to the ensemble it may need to be careful how
> it acts.

connected/disconnected events are given out in the current API but when I
shutdown the full ensemble I don't receive a session expired.

I'm considering implementing my own session expiration by tracking how long
I've been disconnected.


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