Hey kevin,

i just found that part of this thread went to my junk folder. can you send the 
URL for the NodeListener?

this NodeWatcher is a useful thing. i have a couple of suggestions to simplify 

1) Construct the NodeWatcher with a ZooKeeper object rather than constructing 
one. Not only does it simplify NodeWatcher, but it also makes it so that the 
ZooKeeper object can be used for other things as well.
2) Use the async API in watchNodeData and watchNodeExists. it simplifies the 
code and the error handling.
3) You don't need to do a connect() in handleDisconnected(). ZooKeeper object 
will do it automatically for you.

There is an old example on sourceforge 
http://zookeeper.wiki.sourceforge.net/ZooKeeperJavaExample that may give you 
some more ideas on how to simplify your code.

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I've updated based on the last round of feedback regarding ZK operation:

This is what I think the API should look like for event based applications
without any insane requirements.

You write code like:

        NodeListener listener = new NodeListener() {

                public void onData( String path, Stat stat, byte[] data ) {
                    System.out.printf( "event: onData path: %s, version: %s,
data: %s\n", path, stat.getVersion(), new String( data ) );


                public void onKeeperException( KeeperException e ) {
                    System.out.printf( "event: onKeeperException: \n" );

                public void onFailure() {
                    System.out.printf( "event: onFailure\n" );

                public void onConnect() {
                    System.out.printf( "event: onConnect\n" );


        NodeWatcher nWatcher = new NodeWatcher( "server45.example.com:2181,
server46.example.com:2181,server47.example.com:2181", listener );
        nWatcher.watch( "/foo" );


.... and then you will receive events back from ZK when the files are

I believe it handles all race and fail conditions of ZK which was the hard
part since some of these are subtle or not really documented.

I'd be willing to contrib this if others found it useful.

I think we're going to use it as our main interface to ZK since it solves
all the issues I care about.


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