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> if you do a getData("/a", true) and then "/a" changes, you will get a watch
> event. if "/a" changes again, you will not get an event. so, if you want to
> monitor "/a", you need to do a new getData() after each watch event to
> reregister the watch and get the new value. (re-registering watches on
> reconnect is a different issue. there are no disconnects in this example.)
> you are correct that zookeeper has some subtle things to watch out for.
> that is why we do not want to add more.

I honestly think they could all be removed if you implemented persistent
watches which don't require re-registration and add the data in the event.

I def don't want to add more though....

I'm not 100% convinced I'm right though as there may be other subtle ZK
things I"m missing but I'm like 90% sure :)


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