I wanted to provide two additional notes about my talk on this list.

First, you're really coming to see Aaron Kimball and Tom White - I'm
working on getting that fixed on the conference pages.

Second, "my" talk is actually a full day of intermediate/advanced
Hadoop training on Monday. It will be similar in style to what we
offer locally (http://www.cloudera.com/hadoop-training), but will be
specifically targeted at more advanced users (we will not be building
an inverted index, and I have heard rumors the star wars kid may be
involved). Here's the conference page:
http://eu.apachecon.com/c/aceu2009/sessions/230 - you can register
using the conference registration system (even if you don't attend the
conference itself).

If your boss won't fly you to Amsterdam for conference, calling it
"training" has been known to help ;-)

We'll keep the cluster up and running for the whole week, and provide
support / advice for training participants throughout.


On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 8:35 AM, Owen O'Malley <omal...@apache.org> wrote:
> All,
>   I'm broadcasting this to all of the Hadoop dev and users lists, however,
> in the future I'll only send cross-subproject announcements to
> gene...@hadoop.apache.org. Please subscribe over there too! It is very low
> traffic.
>  Anyways, ApacheCon Europe is coming up in March. There are a range of
> Hadoop talks being given:
> Introduction to Hadoop by Owen O'Malley
> Hadoop Map/Reduce: Tuning and Debugging by Arun Murthy
> Pig - Making Hadoop Easy by Olga Natkovich
> Running Hadoop in the Cloud by Tom White
> Architectures for the Cloud by Steve Loughran
> Configuring Hadoop for Grid Services by Allen Wittenauer
> Dynamic Hadoop Clusters by Steve Loughran
> HBasics: An Introduction to Hadoop's Bid Data Database by Michael Stack
> Hadoop Tools and Tricks for Data Pipelines by Christophe Bisciglia
> Introducing Mahout: Apache Machine Learning by Grant Ingersoll
> -- Owen
> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: Shane Curcuru <a...@shanecurcuru.org>
>> Date: January 27, 2009 6:15:25 AM PST
>> Subject: [ANN] Registration for ApacheCon Europe 2009 is now open!
>> PMC moderators - please forward the below to any appropriate dev@ or
>> users@ lists so your larger community can hear about ApacheCon Europe.
>> Remember, ACEU09 has scheduled sessions spanning the breadth of the ASF's
>> projects, subprojects, and podlings, including at least: ActiveMQ,
>> SerivceMix, CXF, Axis2, Hadoop, Felix, Sling, Maven, Struts, Roller,
>> Shindig, Geronimo, Lucene, Solr, BSF, Mina, Directory, Tomcat, httpd,
>> Mahout, Bayeux, CouchDB, AntUnit, Jackrabbit, Archiva, Wicket, POI, Pig,
>> Synapse, Droids, Continuum.
>> ApacheCon EU 2009 registration is now open!
>> 23-27 March -- Mövenpick Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands
>> http://www.eu.apachecon.com/
>> ================================
>> Registration for ApacheCon Europe 2009 is now open - act before early
>> bird prices expire 6 February.  Remember to book a room at the Mövenpick
>> and use the Registration Code: Special package attendees for the
>> conference registration, and get 150 Euros off your full conference
>> registration.
>> Lower Costs - Thanks to new VAT tax laws, our prices this year are 19%
>> lower than last year in Europe!  We've also negotiated a Mövenpick rate
>> of a maximum of 155 Euros per night for attendees in our room block.
>> Quick Links:
>>  http://xrl.us/aceu09sp  See the schedule
>>  http://xrl.us/aceu09hp  Get your hotel room
>>  http://xrl.us/aceu09rp  Register for the conference
>> Other important notes:
>> - Geeks for Geeks is a new mini-track where we can feature advanced
>> technical content from project committers.  And our Hackathon on Monday
>> and Tuesday is open to all attendees - be sure to check it off in your
>> registration.
>> - The Call for Papers for ApacheCon US 2009, held 2-6 November
>> 2009 in Oakland, CA, is open through 28 February, so get your
>> submissions in now.  This ApacheCon will feature special events with
>> some of the ASF's original founders in celebration of the 10th
>> anniversary of The Apache Software Foundation.
>>  http://www.us.apachecon.com/c/acus2009/
>> - Interested in sponsoring the ApacheCon conferences?  There are plenty
>> of sponsor packages available - please contact Delia Frees at
>> de...@apachecon.com for further information.
>> ======================================================
>> ApacheCon EU 2008: A week of Open Source at it's best!
>> Hackathon - open to all! | Geeks for Geeks | Lunchtime Sessions
>> In-Depth Trainings | Multi-Track Sessions | BOFs | Business Panel
>> Lightning Talks | Receptions | Fast Feather Track | Expo... and more!
>> - Shane Curcuru, on behalf of
>>  Noirin Shirley, Conference Lead,
>>  and the whole ApacheCon Europe 2009 Team
>>  http://www.eu.apachecon.com/  23-27 March -- Amsterdam, Netherlands

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