The latest docs (3.1.0 has some updates to that section) can be found here:


Mahadev Konar wrote:
Hi Joey,
 here is a link to information on session timeouts.
The session timeouts depends on how sensitive you want your application to
be. A very low session timeout like (1-2 seconds) might lead to your
application being very sensitive to events like minor network problems etc.,
a higher values of say (30 seconds) on the other hand might lead to slow
detection of client failures -- example one of the zookeeper client which
has ephemeral node goes down, in this case the ephemeral nodes will only go
away after session timeout.

I have seen some users using 10-15 seconds of session timeout, but you
should use as per your application requirements.

Hope this helps.

On 2/22/09 3:09 AM, "Joey Echeverria" <> wrote:

Is there a recommended session timeout? Does it change based on the
ensemble size?



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