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> zookeeper is not really what you would call a scalable system because all
> transactions that are updates go through the leader for serialization.
> Zookeeper is, instead, a high throughput HA system. That said, the
> throughput of a modest zookeeper  cluster is fairly prodigous so for the
> normal application of coordinating a large cluster, these limits are beyond
> what just about anyone needs.
> For other uses, though, 50 K updates per second wouldn't cut it.

I understand that Google uses Chubby (a ZooKeeper clone... or vice versa :-)
) as the coordination mechanism for Big Table.  Do you have any insight into
Chubby's performance characteristics... and if it would be possible to build
a Big Table clone that had scalability characteristics of Big Table with
ZooKeeper as the underlying coordinator?

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>  Clearly Zookeeper can handle ensembles of a dozen or so servers.  How
>> large
>> an ensemble can one build with Zookeeper?  100 servers?  10,000 servers?
>> Are there limitations that make the system unusable at large numbers of
>> servers?
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