I'm a little unclear about the ConnectionLoss exception as it's described in
the FAQ and would like some clarification.

>From the state diagram, http://wiki.apache.org/hadoop/ZooKeeper/FAQ#1, there
are three events that cause a ConnectionLoss:

1) In Connecting state, call close().
2) In Connected state, call close().
3) In Connected state, get disconnected.

It's the third one I'm unclear about.

- Does this event happening mean my ephemeral nodes will go away?
- Is the ZooKeeper handle I'm using dead after this event? Meaning that,
similar to the SessionExpired case, I need to construct a new connection
handle to ZooKeeper and take care of the restarting myself. It seems from
the diagram that this should not be the case. Rather, seeing as the
disconnected event sends the user back to the Connecting state, my handle
should be fine and the library will keep trying to reconnect to ZooKeeper
internally? I understand my current operation may have failed, what I'm
asking about is future operations.


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