It works now, thanks. My configuration had a conflict between clientPort
and one of the server ports.

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Patrick Hunt <> wrote on 04/13/2009 01:45:08 PM:

> Jun Rao wrote:
> >
> > From the ZK web site, it's not clear how to set up a multi-node ZK
> > It seems that one has to add the server entries in the conf file and
> > myid files on each node. Then, how should I start the ZK nodes? I tried
> > issuing "zkServer start" from each node and that didn't seem to work.
> > that the right way to start the service? Also, once the service is up,
> > there a way to check the list of nodes used by ZK and which node is the
> > leader? Thanks,
> >
> See this for a step-by-step guide:
> html#sc_zkMulitServerSetup
> In particular steps 4 & 5.
> your config should look something like (for 3 server ensemble):
> tickTime=2000
> dataDir=/path/to/data/dir
> clientPort=2181
> initLimit=5
> syncLimit=2
> this file needs to exist (available to) each of the servers in the
> ensemble. Try the command line listed in step 5 to start the server
> (conf in the classpath is there to pickup the log4j configuration, you
> could use that to debug). The myid file needs to exist in each server's
> dataDir (not shared of course).
> Either JMX, the logs, or the stat command documented here:
> html#sc_zkCommands
> will give insight on things like which server is the leader. The stat
> command is the simplest (nc to the clientPort of the server and issue
> the stat command).
> Patrick

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