Hi Qian,
  I can give you an example of one of our systems that uses zookeeper
(crawling for our Yahoo! search engine). It has of the order of 4K clients -
expecting to grow to 8K to 12K. Their write load is around 100 writes/sec
(this is pretty low) and 4K reads/sec (max reads) with an ensemble of 5
zookeeper servers.

Hope this helps. What kind of workload are you expecting?


On 4/22/09 7:06 AM, "Qian Ye" <yeqian....@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all:
> I've read the materials about zookeeper at apache.org there days, it is very
> interesting. I'm planing to involve Zookeeper in our web service system,
> which is providing daily service to millions of users. So I really care
> about whether the Zookeeper can play as well as it is presented in the
> materials. I knew there are some successful store with Zookeeper, but I want
> to know the details. Could some one give me some specific cases of using
> Zookeeper in a big web system. Some detailed results about performance
> testing on Zookeeper are most wanted.
> Thanks very much~

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