HI Satish,
  A zookeeper client usually has a very small footprint for memory and cpu.
The mutithreaded version of zookeeper client creates an internal thread to
do the io and callbacks. I would  suggest using the same zookeeper client
across the objects to have less number of threads in your client process.


On 4/24/09 2:37 PM, "Satish Bhatti" <cthd2...@gmail.com> wrote:

> If my application has several objects who are using ZooKeeper for entirely
> unrelated reasons, is it recommended to create one ZooKeeper client instance
> and share it, or to create one per object?  Do the ZooKeeper client
> instances have a lot of overhead?  I am thinking that having one instance
> per object will lead to simpler code in terms of handling Session
> expirations.
> Satish

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