You can use the exists() call to get pretty much what you want.

On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 7:01 PM, Scott Carey <> wrote:

> On 5/8/09 2:15 PM, "Ted Dunning" <> wrote:
> > There is no gap in time if you put the new watch into the call that gives
> > you the current version of the data.  That is the point of having the
> watch
> > argument in all of the get* calls!
> >
> There is a gap in time between when watch A triggers, and when the server
> gets your next watch setting.  From both the server and client point of
> view, the watch "ends" when it fires, and there is a gap in time before the
> next one begins.
> Changes between those times must be inferred by the client.

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