Hi Marc,
 The only thing missing would be testing and support. We do most of our
testing on linux boxes and for the same reason its easy for us to support
the platforms that we use. We do not have access to windows boxes to test
and (therefore) support windows as a suggested production platform. Also,
the other reason is that currently we have a very few set of people who
contribute there time for development and support of Zookeeper and are more
conversant with linux than windows. It would be a stretch to expect them to
support windows as a production platform.

Hope this helps.

On 6/4/09 4:38 AM, "Marc Frei" <f...@oberon.ch> wrote:

> Dear ZooKeeper users,
> the ZooKeeper Administrator's Guide states that Win32 is currently only
> supported as a development platform but not as production platform:
> http://hadoop.apache.org/zookeeper/docs/r3.1.1/zookeeperAdmin.html#sc_su
> pportedPlatforms
> Since we are currently evaluating ZooKeeper for production use on both
> Linux and Windows servers, I would be interested in knowing what the
> missing pieces for full-fledged Windows support are.
> Thank you very much in advance and kind regards,
> Marc 

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