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Hi Qian,
 I think we lack a lot of documentation on ACL’s and how to use your own
authentication schemes. 3.2 should have some of it. Zookeeper allows you to
add you own authentication schemes. You should be able to write you own
authentication scheme like the IPAuthenticationProvider.java. All you need
to do is write such a class that implements AuthenticationProvideer and
then when you start up the server, you will have to use
enticationProvider – zookeeper server picks up these authentication
providers when it starts up from the system properties (if you want to
specify you own). Hope this helps.


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> Hi  all:
> I've got some problem about setting ACL for node using C API. I read from the
> Guide that the scheme "ip" should accept mask, like。So
> <>  I called zoo_create() API with an ACL
> struct in the form {count:1, data:{{scheme:ip, id:}}
> <}}> }. However, the C API return a "Invalid ACL" error.
> Then I read the source code (the server side), and found that the ip scheme
> can only accept an id within only ip string (like, 
> So, How can I set an ACL with the mask?

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