Hi David, 
 There is a jira open to document this in our forrest docs -


Ill try and explain how to do in the email, feel free to respond with more
questions. The c and java api both have a call called add_auth/addAuth to
add authentication data for a client. Also, you can write pulgins at the
server side to verify this authentication. Take a look at files in

Also, you can add a new authentication to the server using java system

After adding the authdata using client addauth api's you can use the
CREATOR_ALL_ACL which means that all the auths that you added using add_auth
will be stored with a znode that you create and will be required to specify
if you want to access those znodes again.

This is a very short explanation, so please feel free to ask more questions
on it.


On 6/16/09 7:19 AM, "David Graf" <david.g...@28msec.com> wrote:

> Hello
> I've implemented a locking service with ZooKeeper (in C++). It was
> pretty easy to implement! Now, I would like to set up some kind of
> authentification on the server(s) to avoid that others are using my
> ZooKeeper server(s).
> How can I do that? In the documentation (zookeeerProgrammers.pdf), I
> only found a paragraph that describes how to set up an access control
> list on every node. But nowhere, I found a possibility to set an
> authentification mechanism on the complete ZooKeeper server.
> David Graf

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