Hey all,

Working on integrating HBase with ZK, we came around an issue that we
are unable to resolve. I was trying to see how was our handling of
network partitions and session expirations and what I did is just
starting a single ZK instance with a very simple HBase setup, then I
killed the ZK server. The only thing I got from Zookeeper was a
KeeperState.Disconnected then... nothing (for like 20+ minutes).
Normally if I had a quorum I would still get that message but then I
would get another one telling me it's connected to another ZK quorum
server. So how do I know if I'm really partitioned from the ZK quroum?
Shouldn't we get a session expired at some point? From what I
understand you can only get a KeeperState.Expired when you connect
back to the quorum after x time, but what if you can "never" connect
back to it?

BTW this is r785019.

Thx a lot!


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