David Pollak <feeder.of.the.be...@...> writes:
> It's clear to me that it's time for a unified data and data management model
> that goes beyond OR mapping and that is scalably transactional.  I've put
> together a model that looks to the developer like STM but is backed with
> ZooKeeper and Cassandra.  I've blogged about it at
> http://blog.lostlake.org/index.php?/archives/94-Lift,-Goat-Rodeo-and-Such.html

Interesting post. I'm also working on a system that tries to solve persistence, 
scalability and transactionality. It's meant for the needs of online games, 
which means low latency, 50% write load, mostly local data access patterns, 
consistency requirements, but allows loosened durability. I suppose that 
web applications have different kind of characteristics, but maybe there are 
some ideas that can be shared.

You can read more about my project at http://dimdwarf.sourceforge.net/ - read 
from the front page "How does it work?", "Project Goals" and the two blog posts 
that are linked under "Articles about Dimdwarf". Right now it's at pre-alpha 
stage and I've been too busy this year to work on it, but toward the end of 
year I should be able to continue its development.

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