Hey guys,

Been using ZK indirectly for a few months now in the HBase and Katta realms. Both of these applications make it really easy so you don't have to be involved much with managing your ZK cluster to support it.

I'm now using ZK for a bunch of things internally, so now I'm manually configuring, starting, and managing a cluster.

What advice is there about whether I should be sharing a single cluster between all my applications, or running separate ones for each use?

I've been told that it's strongly recommended to run your ZK nodes separately from the application using them (this is actually what we're telling new users over in HBase, though a majority of installations will likely co-host them with DataNodes and RegionServers).

I don't have the resources to maintain a separate 3+ node ZK cluster for each of my applications, so this is not really an option. I'm trying to decide if I should have HBase running/managing it's own ZK cluster that is co-located with some of the regionservers (there will be ample memory, but ZK will not have a dedicated disk), or if I should be pointing it to a dedicated 3 node ZK cluster.

I would then also have Katta pointing at this same shared cluster (or a separate cluster would be co-located with katta nodes). Same for my application; could share nodes with the app servers or pointed at a single ZK cluster.

Trade-offs I should be aware of?  Current best practices?

Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks.

Jonathan Gray

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