btw QuorumPeerMainTest uses the CONSOLE appender which is setup in conf/, now that I think of it perhaps not such a good idea :-)

If you edited cong/ it may be causing the test to fail, did you do this? (if you run the test by itself using -Dtestcase does it always fail?)

I've entered a jira to address this:


Patrick Hunt wrote:
Todd Greenwood wrote:
The build succeeds, but not the all of the tests. In previous test runs,
I noticed an error in org.apache.zookeeper.test.FLETest. It was not able
to bind to a port or something. Now, after a machine reboot, I'm getting
different failures.

"address in use"? That's a problem in the test framework pre-3.3. In 3.3 (current svn trunk) I fixed it but it's not in 3.2.x. This is a problem with the test framework though and not a real problem, it shows up occasionally (depends on timing).

branch-3.2 $ ant test

[junit] Test org.apache.zookeeper.server.quorum.QuorumPeerMainTest
FAILED (crashed)
[junit] Test org.apache.zookeeper.test.HierarchicalQuorumTest FAILED

Test logs for these two tests attached.

This is unusual though - looking at the log it seems that the JVM itself crashed for the QPMainTest! for HQT we are seeing:

junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: Threads didn't join

which Flavio mentioned to me once is possible to happen but not a real problem (he can elaborate).

What version of java are you using? OS, other environment that might be interesting? (vm? etc...) You might try looking at the jvm crash dump file (I think it's in /tmp)

If you run each of these two tests individually do they run? example:
ant -Dtestcase=FLENewEpochTest test-core-java

My goal here is to get to a known state (all tests succeeding or have
workarounds for the failures). Following that, I plan to apply the
patches Flavio recommended for a WAN deploy (479 and 481). After I
verify that the tests continue to run, I'll package this up and deploy
it to our WAN for testing.

Sounds like a good plan.

So, are these known issues? Do the tests normally run en masse, or do
some of the tests hold on to resources and prevent other tests from

Typically they do run to completion, but occasionally on my machine (java 1.6, linux32bit, 1.6g single core cpu, 1gigmem) I'll get some random failure due to address in use, or the same "didn't join" that you saw. Usually I see this if I'm multitasking (vs just letting the tests run w/o using the box). As I said this is addressed in 3.3 (address reuse at the very least, and I haven't see the other issues).


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