I assume you are calling the synchronous version of exists. The callbacks for 
both the watches and async calls are processed by a callback thread, so the 
ordering is strict. Synchronous call responses are not queued to the callback 
thread. (this allows you to make synchronous calls in callbacks without 
deadlocking.) thus the effect you are seeing may be due to a backed up callback 
queue and/or thread scheduling.


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Subject: exist return true before event comes in


I'm running into following problem writing a fasade for Zk Client 

1.) Subscribe a watch via exist(path, true) for a path.
2.) Create a persistent node.
3.) Call exist and it returns true
4.) Zookeeper sends a NodeCreated event.

I would expect that the client would get the NodeCreated event before
exist returns true.
Does anyone has a idea of a pattern that secures that exist return
false, before the event is triggered?

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