Try doing a couple things:

1) use the java cli to do a "stat /path" on the node in question
2) try doing a "echo stat |nc localhost 2181"
(where localhost:2181 is the clientport of the zk server)

would be interesting to see this information on the jira. 1) will allow you to verify that the node is actually an ephemeral node from the perspective of the server (and who owns, etc...) and 2) will allow you to verify that the server doesn't still think that the client is connected.

were you using the c/java binding for your client, or something else?


Flavio Junqueira wrote:
Hi Qian, It would be useful to have access to the log and to know which version of ZooKeeper you're using. You may want to open a jira and attach the log there.


On Aug 13, 2009, at 7:51 AM, Qian Ye wrote:

Hi all:

My friend encountered a problem when using ZooKeeper. He built a single
server instance of Zookeeper for development, and he created an ephemeral
node several days ago. It seems that when he killed the process which
created the ephemeral node today, he found that the ephemeral node won't
disappear! I haven't got the related log yet, just want ask whether you guys have encountered the same thing? Is there any bug could lead to the result?


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