Not sure if you'll find this interesting but my zk configuration generator is available on github:

" will generate all of the configuration needed to run a ZooKeeper ensemble. I mainly use this tool for localhost based testing, but it can generate configurations for any list of servers (see the —server option)."


Eric Bowman wrote:
Benjamin Reed wrote:
you and ted are correct. the id gives zookeeper a stable identifier to
use even if the ip address changes. if the ip address doesn't change,
we could use that, but we didn't want to make that a built in
assumption. if you really do have a rock solid ip address, you could
make a wrapper startup script that starts up and creates the myid file
based on the ip address. i gotta say though, i've found that such
assumptions are often found to be invalid.

Yeah, it can be tricky.  In more than one cluster,  I've seen a set of
static configuration files that gets replicated everywhere.  If an
individual instance needs per-instance configuration, we do that from
the command line (using -D).  Maybe logic can do it, or maybe a start
script has to load a machine local file, whatever.  It's a pretty common
paradigm, though.

It's hardly the end of the world, but it is definitely something my ops
people stumbled over.

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