Jason Venner wrote:
I do find having to have a custom file in each zk root somewhat awkward, as
I like to rsync my configuration files around. I also would prefer not to
have to have all of my zk nodes listed in the configuration file by id.

I think I would prefer it if there was a mechanism for each log directory to
come up with a cluster unique id, and then the jvm running on that log dir
would advertise that ID.

You are saying to list the server's ip/port in each of the server config files, but not the id's, correct? The server id is actually used as part of the quorum (zab) protocol - servers with lower id's don't attempt to connect to servers with higher id when forming quorum (to avoid 2 servers negotiating on 2 channels/threads). Perhaps this can be worked around though. Flavio?

I'll enter a jira for tracking this feature as soon as apache issue tracking comes back (seems to be down right now).

If there was a control that would allow runtime changing of the required
quorum, then I could dynamically add and remove nodes.



2009/9/29 Ørjan Horpestad <orj...@gmail.com>

Thanks for all of your answers. I can see more clearly why using an IP
as id could be a bad idea in a ZK setup.

I will indeed try out your Zkconf tool, thanks.

Regards, Orjan

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