It's possible, but not pretty.

Try this:

1) create a subclass of ZooKeeper to be used in your tests

2) in the subclass add something like this:

    public String getConnectedServer() {
        return ((SocketChannel)

Feel free to add a JIRA, I think we could make this a protected method on ZooKeeper to make testing easier (and not expose internals).



Todd Greenwood wrote:
Failover testing.

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That detail is purposefully not exposed through the client api,
it is output to the log on connection establishment.

Why would your client code need to know which server in the ensemble
is connected to?


Rob Baccus wrote:
How do I determine the server the client is connected to?  It is not
exposed as far as I can see in either the ZooKeep object or the
ClentCnxn object.  I did find on line 790 in
method the place the actual server connection is happening but that
not exposed.

Rob Baccus

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