You're right, 0 should be something like "INITIALIZING_STATE" but it's not in zookeeper.h

zookeeper_init(...) docs:
* This method creates a new handle and a zookeeper session that corresponds
 * to that handle. Session establishment is asynchronous, meaning that the
 * session should not be considered established until (and unless) an
 * event of state ZOO_CONNECTED_STATE is received.

Please enter a JIRA for this and we'll address it in the next release:

Thanks for the report!


Steven Wong wrote:
Using zkpython with ZK 3.2.1 release:

import zookeeper as z

zh = z.init(...)

z.state(zh)  # returns 3 == z.CONNECTED_STATE

# kill standalone ZK server

z.state(zh)  # returns 0 == ???

The problem is that 0 is not a state defined by zookeeper.[ch]. I'm not
sure whether 0 should've been defined or z.state should've returned
something else.


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