I'm really interested to know how ec2 compares wrt disk and network performance to what I've documented here under the "hardware" section:

Is it possible for someone to compare the network and disk performance (scp, dd, md5sum, etc...) that I document in the wiki page on say, EC2 small/large nodes? I'd do it myself but I've not used ec2. If anyone could try these and report I'd appreciate it.


Ted Dunning wrote:
Worked pretty well for me.  We did extend all of our timeouts.  The biggest
worry for us was timeouts on the client side.  The ZK server side was no
problem in that respect.

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 4:20 PM, Jun Rao <jun...@almaden.ibm.com> wrote:

Has anyone deployed ZK on EC2? What's the experience there? Are there more
timeouts, lead re-election, etc? Thanks,

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