Can you elaborate on "gc tuning" - you are using the incremental collector?


Ted Dunning wrote:
The server side is a fairly standard (but old) config:


Most of our clients now use 5 seconds as the timeout, but I think that we
went to longer timeouts in the past.  Without digging in to determine the
truth of the matter, my guess is that we needed the longer timeouts before
we tuned the GC parameters and that after tuning GC, we were able to return
to a more reasonable timeout.  In retrospect, I think that we blamed EC2 for
some of our own GC misconfiguration.

I would not use our configuration here as canonical since we didn't apply a
whole lot of brainpower to this problem.

On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 9:29 AM, Patrick Hunt <> wrote:

Ted, could you provide your configuration information for the cluster (incl
the client timeout you use), if you're willing I'd be happy to put this up
on the wiki for others interested in running in EC2.

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