Hey Henry,

> I can't speak as to the other JIRAs, but ZK-107 (dynamic membership) is
> still being worked on by me. This is a very large change to the ZK codebase,
> so I can't see it getting in really before 4.0, although the committers may
> view things differently.

That's great to know, thank you.

> If you have a pressing need for the feature, the mailing list archives
> contain suggestions of how to change your cluster on the fly by doing a
> rolling restart of your nodes with a new configuration.

I've actually brought the topic up before, and have been following
discussions here, so this is indeed an alternative.  That said, the
dynamic membership is indeed what would really help in this case.  I
wouldn't mind restarting the ensemble myself to add/remove nodes, but
it's slightly more tricky if ZooKeeper is being provided as one of the
pieces in some kind of platform.

Thanks for these details.

Gustavo Niemeyer

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