What version of ZooKeeper is this? If it's 3.2.1 take a look at this:

binding fixes in 3.2.2

You might give the 3.2 branch (in svn) a try asap.

Feel free to enter JIRAs if you notice issues, we'll be happy to address them.


Erik Holstad wrote:
I have been working with the zkpython module for that last couple of weeks.
After the initial problem with

ImportError: libzookeeper_mt.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such
file or directory

I just added LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib to the .bashrc file and
everything worked fine. For pydev
I had to add it as an Environment variable, to make it work.

But when moving away from raw python to to using it in a fcgi context I was
not able to get it to work under any

We were running this using python 2.5, which seemed to be one of the
problems, the other one that I've found
was the build script in zookeeper_home/src/contrib/
zkpython. when running sudo ant install everyhing works fine
but when trying to import it in python 2.6 I still got the same error.

Changing the setup.py file to point to the correct libraries and running
sudo python setup.py install everything works
fine and no more errors.

Just wanted to share this with the community since I've spend quite some
time trying to ge this to work.

Regards Erik

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