Hi Mahadev,

Quite simple: it will function as the locking/versioning back end for a custom WebDAV daemon (that stores its data in an internal cloud, i.e. Eucalyptus/Walrus).

So a user "joe" that has a file /foo/bar would translate to:

/(sha1(joe))/foo/bar  - file bar
/(sha1(joe))/foo/bar/versions - pointer to a file containing version history (sha1 pointers) /(sha1(joe))/foo/bar/current - file bar current version pointer, a sha1 pointing directly to a file
/(sha1(joe))/foo/bar/__locks/ - dir containing locks for file bar in dir foo

Note that all files will be transparently encrypted and versioned and renamed to their sha1 - and then stored in an S3-like flat object space.

ZooKeeper reconstructs the filesystem layout + locking, and should be able to do that for lots (100,000s) of users. I am halfway a C binding (to REBOL, why REBOL? Shortest route to success for me.), but zkfuse is fast and functional enough (per WebDAV server instance). So I'll stick to zkfuse, I have so much other stuff to do. And I can always optimize in the background. The WebDAV server is custom written (in the process of being so...) and will provide the illusion of a user mountable "infinite drive". Locking is needed for Office, Mac to work.

The elasticity in the computing cloud makes the WebDAV daemons horizontally scalable as long as ZooKeeper can keep up, but with 40k writes/reads a second and a bit of clever caching that should be no problem. And we can always have multiple ensembles (what a great problem to have...) and do some clever tricks there with ensemble routing (get user joe always to ensemble #1).

So, there is the use case. Given that WebDAV is a good cross-platform user mountable file system, I hope to make a lot of people happy the next few months (I'd want it :-)



Mahadev Konar schreef:
Hi Maarten,

   zkfuse does not have any support for acls. We havent had much time to
focus on zkfuse. Create/read/write/delete/ls are all supported. It was built
mostly for infrequent updates and more of a browsing interface on
filesystem. I don't think zkfuse is being used in production anywhere. Would
you mind elaborating your use case?


On 11/24/09 11:14 AM, "Maarten Koopmans"<maar...@vrijheid.net>  wrote:


I just started using zkfuse, and this may very well suit my needs for
now. Thumbs up to the ZooKeeper team!

What operations are supported (i.e. what is the best use of zkfuse). I
can see how files, dirs there creation and listing map quite nicely. ACLs?

I have noticed two things on a fresk Ubuntu 9.10 (posting for future
archive reference):

- I *have* to run in debug mode (-d)
- you have to add libboost  or it won't compile



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