I am trying to start ZooKeeper on an EC2 instance.  Here's what I did:

1)  Downloaded & Unpacked ZooKeeper 3.1.1 on EC2 instance.
2)  cp /conf/zoo_sample.cfg /conf/zoo.cfg
3)  Changed the dataDir path to point to my EBS volume.
4)  In one command window, ran /bin/zkServer.sh start
(The last message I see is... "Snapshotting: 0)

5)  Opened another command window, and ran jps
(This shows a new process called, QuorumPeerMain.  That's the only one I

6)  As per documentation, tried

bin/zkCli.sh -server

(This gives me IOException: USAGE)

7) So I ran:

bin/zkCli.sh -server ls

Got UnknownHostException: -server

8)  So I tried various ways of specifying IP address in EC2, such as:


None of them worked.  Keep getting UnknownHostException.

What am I doing wrong.  Please help.  Thanks.

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