I'm new to the Zookeeper project and wondering whether our use case is a
good one for Zookeeper. I read the documentation, but couldn't find an
answer. At some point it says that

> A common property of the various forms of coordination data is that they are 
> relatively small: measured in kilobytes. The ZooKeeper client and the server 
> implementations have sanity checks to ensure that znodes have less than 1M of 
> data

I couldn't find any limits on the number of znodes used, only that each
znode should only contain little data. We were planning to use a million
znodes (each containing a few hundred bytes of data). Would this use
case be acceptable for Zookeeper? And if so, does it matter if we have a
flat hierarchy (i.e, all nodes have the root node as their direct
ancestor) or should we introduce some (artificial) hierarchy levels to
have a more tree-like structure?

Thanks in advance for your answer.



Michael Bauland

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