12 servers? That's alot, if you dont' mind my asking why so many? Typically we recommend 5 - that way you can have one down for maintenance and still have a failure that doesn't bring down the cluster.

The "electing a leader" is probably the restarted machine attempting to re-join the ensemble (it should join as a follower if you have a leader already elected, given that it's xid is behind the existing leader.) Hard to tell though without the logs.

You might also be seeing the initLimit exceeded, is the data you are storing in ZK large? Or perhaps network connectivity is slow?
again the logs would give some insight on this.


Nick Bailey wrote:
We are running zookeeper 3.1.0

Recently we noticed the cpu usage on our machines becoming
increasingly high and we believe the cause is


However our solution when we noticed the problem was to kill the
zookeeper process and restart it.

After doing that though it looks like the newly restarted zookeeper
server is continually attempting to elect a leader even though one
already exists.

The process responses with 'imok' when asked, but the stat command
returns 'ZooKeeperServer not running'.

I belive that killing the current leader should trigger all servers
to do an election and solve the problem, but I'm not sure. Should
that be the course of action in this situation?

Also we have 12 servers, but 5 are currently not running according to
stat.  So I guess this isn't a problem unless we lose another one.
We have plans to upgrade zookeeper to solve the cpu issue but haven't
been able to do that yet.

Any help appreciated, Nick Bailey

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