sadly connectionloss is the really ugly part of zookeeper! it is a pain to deal with. i'm not sure we have best practice, but i can tell you what i do :) ZOOKEEPER-22 is meant to alleviate this problem.

i usually use the asynch API when handling the watch callback. in the completion function if there is a connection loss, i issue another async getChildren to retry. this avoids the blocking caller by doing a synchronous retry that eric alluded to, but the behavior is effectively the same: you retry the request.

you don't need to worry about multiple watches being added colin. zookeeper keeps track of which watchers have registered which watches and will not register deplicate watches for the same watcher. (hopefully you can parse that :)


Colin Goodheart-Smithe wrote:
We are having similar problems to this.  At the moment we wrap ZooKeeper
in a class which retries requests on KeeperException.ConnectionLoss to
avoid no watcher being added, but we are worried that this may result in
multiple watchers being added if the watcher is successfully added but
the server returns a Connection Loss


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I was surprised to not get a response to this ... is this a no-brainer? Too hard to solve? Did I not express it clearly? Am I doing something
dumb? :)


On 01/25/2010 01:05 PM, Eric Bowman wrote:
I'm curious, what is the "best practice" for how to handle the case
where re-adding a watch inside a Watcher.process callback fails?

I keep stumbling upon the same kind of thing, and the possibility of
race conditions or undefined behavior keep troubling me.  Maybe I'm
missing something.

Suppose I have a callback like:

    public void process( WatchedEvent watchedEvent )
        if ( watchedEvent.getType() ==
Event.EventType.NodeChildrenChanged ) {
            try {
                ... do stuff ...
            catch ( Throwable e ) {
                log.error( "Could not do stuff!", e );
            try {
                zooKeeperManager.watchChildren( zPath, this );
            catch ( InterruptedException e ) {
       "Interrupted adding watch -- shutting down?"
            catch ( KeeperException e ) {
                // oh crap, now what?

(In this cases, watchChildren is just calling getChildren and passing
the watcher in.)

It occurs to me I could get more and more complicated here:  I could
wrap watchChildren in a while loop until it succeeds, but that seems
kind of rude to the caller.  Plus what if I get a
KeeperException.SessionExpiredException or a
KeeperException.ConnectionLossException?  How to handle that in this
loop?  Or I could send some other thread a message that it needs to
trying until the watch has been re-added ... but ... yuck.

I would very much like to just setup this watch once, and have
make sure it keeps firing until I tear down ZooKeeper -- this logic
seems tricky for clients, and quite error prone and full of race
Any thoughts?


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