Thomas, I've looked at integrating the two, so far as to download the gearman source and examine it a bit. I didn't see a huge near-term win implementing a plugin as gearman already has support for drizzle/memcached/sqlite4/pq. While ZK could be used to provide highly reliable/available persistence it wouldn't really add anything over these other options (assuming these other options are configured to be highly reliable). Obviously if someone is already using ZK then there is the benefit of not having to add an additional persistence component, so that is one plus.

Longer term it did seem like ZK could benefit gearman by providing support for job server failover. If I understand the way gearman job servers work, even though the jobs are stored persistently the failed gearman server must be restarted (or another to take it's place) and re-read the persisted jobs before those jobs can be made available to workers again. ZK could facilitate this, perhaps even being used to re-distribute the load btw the available job servers (those still active). This was one concrete idea I had, I'm sure ZK could be applied in other areas as well.


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I've not keeped myself up to date on gearman development in the last weeks (months) since I've been occupied with other duties, mostly the introduction of hadoop[1] in our company. One subproject of hadoop is zookeeper[2], "a centralized service for maintaining configuration information, naming, providing distributed synchronization, and providing group services.". One of the documented use cases of zookeeper is a distributed queue[3]. (However this document doesn't seem to be that well written.) I woundered if anyone from the gearman project has already heard of zookeeper and eventually considered a gearman implementation on top of it? It shouldn't be that hard and it would get you replication for free.
Maybe I'll try ones my current project is done. :-)


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