On 03/08/2010 02:21 PM, Patrick Hunt wrote:
See the troubleshooting page, some apropos detail there (esp relative to
virtual env).


ZK servers are sensitive to IO (disk/network) latency. As long as you
aren't very sensitive latency requirements it should be fine. If the
machine were to swap for example, or the JVM were to go into long term
GC (visualization in particular kills jvm gc) that would be bad.

Best practice for "on-line production serving" is 5 dedicated hosts with
"shared nothing", physically distributed thoughout the data center (5
hosts in a rack might not be the best idea for super reliability).
There's alot of lee-way though, many ppl run with 3 and spof on switch
for example.


Thanks much for the advice, Patrick.  (And Mahadev.)


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