I'm afraid the docs are wrong, it's being fixed in 3.3.0:

set the value to 0 if you want unlimited.


Michael Bauland wrote:

I've got another question regarding the connection limit. I sometimes
get the following warning in my zookeeper log file:

15:33:46,351 - WARN
[NIOServerCxn.Factory:2181:nioservercnxn$fact...@226] - Too many
connections from /A.B.C.D - max is 10

However, I don't have maxClientCnxns defined in my zoo.cfg file and
according to the documentation, omitting this should mean that the
connections are unlimited:
"maxClientCnxns [...] Setting this to 0 or omitting it entirely removes
the limit on concurrent connections."

Apart from this I'm still wondering why I've got more than 10
connections open at the same time, since I'm just working with 5-6
processes running in parallel and opening only one connection at a time.
I'll need to investigate this a bit further.

Any help on the warning and the maxClientCnxns parameter is appreciated.



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