Yes - the watchers aren't simply relay objects, they typically actually
process the callback.

Scaling out the watchers in a single client is a laudable aim, but I think
this proposal would impact some common use cases.


On 18 March 2010 15:47, Ted Dunning <> wrote:

> This kind of sounds strange to me.
> My typical idiom is to create a watcher but not retain any references to it
> outside the client.  It sounds to me like your change will cause my
> watchers
> to be collected and deactivated when GC happens.
> On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 3:32 AM, Dominic Williams <
>> wrote:
> >
> > The current ZooKeeper client holds strong references to Watcher objects.
> I
> > want to change the client so it only holds weak references. Feedback
> > please.

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