Making delete optionally recursive would be a nice patch to have
(hint, hint ;)).

I'm not sure if the cli allows for a one-shot command (i.e.
bin/ -server localhost:2181 -exec delete /katta) - but if it
doesn't, it shouldn't be hard to add.


On 26 March 2010 10:06, Nick Dimiduk <> wrote:
> The delete command provided by bin/ will delete a leaf node but is
> not recursive. I don't have a copy on my desk, but I believe there's code in
> the O'Reilly Hadoop book for recursive node delete.
> -Nick
> On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 9:42 AM, Karthik K <> wrote:
>> Hi -
>>  I am looking to delete a node (say, /katta) from a running zk ensemble
>> altogether and curious if there is any command-line tool that is available
>> that can do a delete.
>> --
>>   Karthik.

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