Hey zookeeper gurus -

Are there any recommended ways for one to monitor zookeeper ensembles? I'm
familiar with the four-letter words and that stats are published via JMX -
I'm more interested in what people are doing with those stats.

I'd like to publish the JMX stats to Ganglia, and this works well for the
built-in stats. However, the zookeeper-specific names appear to be dynamic
which causes issues when deciding what to publish. For example, the current
mode (leader/follower) appears to only be accessible from the bean names,
instead of looking at, say, a "mode" stat.


The only way I've found to learn if replicas are up-to-date is looking at
"synced" buried in followerInfo:

$ java -jar cmdline-jmxclient-0.10.5.jar - localhost:8081
04/14/2010 18:06:06 +0000 org.archive.jmx.Client followerInfo:
FollowerHandler Socket[addr=/,port=48104,localport=2888]
tickOfLastAck:29793 synced?:true queuedPacketLength:0
FollowerHandler Socket[addr=/,port=59599,localport=2888]
tickOfLastAck:29793 synced?:true queuedPacketLength:0

I don't mind writing a tool to parse the JMX output and publishing to
Ganglia if needed, but it seems like a problem that may have already been
solved and I'm curious what others are doing. The tool would basically take
the zookeeper stats, normalize the names, and publish to a timeseries

Is anyone already monitoring ZK in a way others might find useful?


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