Usually the server logs will shed light on such issues. If we had access to them it might be easier to speculate.


On 04/19/2010 09:22 AM, Mahadev Konar wrote:
Hi Hao,
   As Vishal already asked, how are you determining if the writes are being
  Also, what was the status of C2 when you checked for these writes? Do you
have the output of echo "stat" | nc localhost port?

How long did you wait when you say that C2 did not received the writes? What
was the status of C2 (again echo "stat" | nc localhost port) when you saw
the C2 had received the writes?


On 4/18/10 10:54 PM, "Dr Hao He"<>  wrote:

I have zookeeper cluster E1 with 3 nodes A,B, and C.

I stopped C and did some writes on E1.  Both A and B received the writes.  I
then started C and after a short while, C also received the writes.

All seem to go well so I replicated the setup to another cluster E2 with
exactly 3 nodes: A2, B2, and C2.

I stopped C2 and did some writes on E2.  A2 received the writes.  I then
started C2.  However, no matter how long I wait, C2 never received the writes.

I then did more writes on E2.  Then C2 can receive all the writes including
the old writes when it was down.

How do I find out what was wrong withe E2 setup?

I am running 3.2.2 on all nodes.


Dr Hao He

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