Here's a version that seems to work (doesn't fail).

The issue was that the sha1 digest should be run on the credentials, not just the password (so sha1(user:pass)).

Please open a JIRA for this (better docs on how to do digest auth, I'm sure there's a wealth of other issues that could also be created around this code, feel free to open other issues as you see fit).


On 04/28/2010 02:50 PM, Kapil Thangavelu wrote:
Hi Folks,

I'm trying to use zookeeper via zkpython to set an acl on a node, and
then test that acl. I've configured a super user, and create a node with
an acl with the all permission and a digest scheme. However i find that
i end up not being able to touch the node with the credentials as per
the configured acl user, perhaps even more oddly i can't access the node
with the super user (passed in via system property on the cli via
Dzookeeper.DigestAuthenticationProvider.superDigest). Any attempt to
acces the node raises an exception
zookeeper.NoAuthException: not authenticated

i've attached a demonstration script that exhibits the problem. Is there
something i'm doing wrong here or is it an issue with zkpython?


import zookeeper
import threading
import hashlib
import base64

ZOO_OPEN_ACL_UNSAFE = {'scheme': 'world',
                       'id': 'anyone',
                       'perms': zookeeper.PERM_ALL}

class Connection(object):

    def __init__(self, servers):
        self.servers = servers
        self.connected = False
        self.timeout = 10000 = threading.Condition()
        self.handle = None
        self.handle = zookeeper.init(
            servers, self.connection_watcher, self.timeout)
        if not self.connected:
            raise RuntimeError("unable to connect %s" % servers)

    def connection_watcher(self, handle, type, state, path):
        print type, state, path
        self.handle = handle
        self.connected = True

    def close(self):
        return zookeeper.close(self.handle)

    def authenticate(self, scheme, credentials):

        def callback(handle, result):
            assert self.handle == handle
            self.handle, scheme, credentials, callback)

    def create(self, path, data="", acl=[ZOO_OPEN_ACL_UNSAFE]):
        return zookeeper.create(self.handle, path, data, acl,

    def get_children(self, path):
        return zookeeper.get_children(self.handle, path)

def identity(credentials):
    user, password = credentials.split(":")
    return "%s:%s" % (user,

USER_ROOT = "super:test"
USER_TRUCKS = "trucks:foobar"

def main():
    conn = Connection("")
    conn.authenticate("digest", USER_ROOT)

    children = conn.get_children("/cars")
    assert not children

    truck_acl = [
        {'scheme': 'digest',
         'perms': zookeeper.PERM_ALL,
         'id': identity(USER_TRUCKS)}]

    # create an ephemeral truck node with the given acl
    conn.create("/trucks", acl=truck_acl)

    # this also fails, but demonstrating with another conn for completeness.

    conn2 = Connection("")
    conn2.authenticate("digest", USER_TRUCKS)


if __name__ == '__main__':

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