Real ZK developers will answer shortly, but your scenario is still a bit
ambiguous.  The results will differ depending on the context of the

If the partition occurs after leader election and A is the leader, I don't
think that operations will be impacted unless another leader election is

If the partition occurs after leader election and B (or C) is the leader,
then I think that C (or B) will think it has been partitioned from the net
and freeze.  A and B will continue to operate.

If the partition occurs during or before leader election, I don't know what
will happen, but my guess is that the election will succeed with a quorum
and one of the two previous scenarios will apply.

On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 11:22 AM, Kevin Webb <> wrote:

> Suppose I have three zookeeper servers (A, B, and C).  A can
> communicate with both B and C, but B and C are partitioned from one
> another.
> Is the system behavior under such conditions documented anywhere?  If
> not, can someone explain what will happen at the servers and their
> clients?
> Thanks!
> -Kevin

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