Hi Dominic, this looks really interesting thanks for open sourcing it. I really like the idea of providing higher level concepts. I only just looked at the code, it wasn't clear on first pass what happens if you multilock on 3 paths, the first 2 are success, but the third fails. How are the locks cleared? How about the case where the client loses connectivity to the cluster, what happens in this case (both if partial locks are acquired, and the case where all the locks were acquired (for example how does the caller know if the locks are still held or released due to client partitioned from the cluster, etc...)).

I'll try d/l the code and looking at it more, I see some javadoc in there as well so that's great.



On 05/11/2010 04:02 PM, Dominic Williams wrote:
Anyone looking for a Java client library for ZooKeeper, please checkout:

Cages - http://cages.googlecode.com

The library will be expanded and feedback will be helpful.

Many thanks,

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