On 05/26/2010 01:40 PM, Gregory Haskins wrote:
Tried in vain to search for this answer, so apologies if this has
already been addressed:

Is it possible to write an auth plugin and dynamically load it into the
server?  Or do you need to have your class built into the zookeeper
proper?  The documentation was clear about how to specify in
system.properties that a given provider should be loaded, but failed to
mention where the plugin needs to be for the classloader to pick it up
(or did I just miss that detail).

Sorry but docs are pretty weak for auth plugins. (there is a jira for it iirc)

You need to have the plugin on the jvm classpath, the server will load it based on the system property you alluded to (the property specifies the class that should be loaded).

Second question: Anyone already working on SAML support?  If not, I
could publish my code once complete if there is any interest.

I haven't heard of anyone doing this.


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