Hi all,
First some background:

1. We use maven as our build tool.
2. We use Hudson as our CI server, it is setup to delegate build work
to a cluster of build-slave VMs.
3. We'd like to do very little (preferably none at all) admin work on
each build-slave VM to get it up and running builds. This is so we can
grow the build cluster quickly on demand.

To this end we'd like our tests to be able to run without requiring
external dependencies, i.e. no requirement that there be a running
database or some such. We use Cassandra for data storage and have been
able to quite successfully write a test extension that configures and
starts up an embedded Cassandra instance before running tests that
rely on Cassandra.

Now, I'd like to do the same for ZooKeeper. Has anyone tackled and
solved this problem before?


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