HI Lakshman,
  The ping requests are also queued up. They are not answered immediately.
They go through the request queue and make sure that the server is
functioning properly.

Is there any chance of under provisioning on the server side? The high
latencies are usually a sign of Garbage collection or slow disk writes. Is
there any chance that the servers might be having problems with any one of

Please take a look at:


To see if you might get some help with trouble shooting. Please feel to
create a jira where you can post the logs, so that we can take a look at it
in case you are not able to pinpoint the problem.


On 7/7/10 12:00 PM, "Lakshman" <lakshman...@huawei.com> wrote:

> Hi Everyone, 
> We are using zookeeper 3.3.1. And more frequently we are hitting
> CancelledKeyException after startup of application.
> Average response time is less than 50 milliseconds. But the last request
> sent is not getting any response for 20 seconds so its timing out.
> When analyzed, we found some possible problem with CommitRequestProcessor.
> Following are the series of steps happening.
> Client has sent some request[exists, setData, etc.]
> Server received the packet completely. That is submitted for processing.
> [nextPending] 
> Client has sent some ping requests after that.
> Server has received the ping request as well and that is also queued up.
> Client is timing out as it didn't get any response from server.
> This is because ping requests are also getting queued up into
> queuedRequests.
> Its waiting for a commitedRequest for the current nextPending operation.
> As per my understanding pings request from client need not be queued up and
> can be processed immediately.
> Plz throw some pointers on this issue to me & do correct me if I went wrong.
> --
> Thanks & Regards
> Laxman

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