A small rack mounted UPS doesn't require a full-scale rebuild of
infrastructure and would get you through almost all power fail scenarios.
 If you have 5 ZK servers, put 3 on one power source and give one of them
the UPS.  Then give put the other 2 on the second power source.  If power
source A fails, you keep 2+1 servers and if power source B fails, you keep

If you can stand manual intervention during an emergency, you might be able
to devise a recovery scenario.  You can put 3 and 2 on A and B as above
without a UPS.  If B fails, you are fine.  If A fails, you can go in and
reconfigure the remaining nodes to only consider themselves as the quorum.
 This is not a good plan in general because ZK is reliable enough that
people forget about it.  That means it won't be top of mind in a disaster

On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 10:30 AM, Sergei Babovich

> Three power sources obviously would solve the problem. Unfortunately at
> this moment it does not seem to be feasible (we will need to rebuild the
> whole existing infrastructure).

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